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Webinar: Sustainability regulations to look out for in 2024

We are really excited to be running a webinar about sustainability regulations that could affect businesses in 2024.

It is free to attend and is now available on demand. Watch it here!

In the session, we will discuss sustainability regulations that will affect businesses in 2024, the challenge of staying in the know in this fast-evolving space, and tips for how SMEs can keep up with growing climate disclosure demands.

This will provide insight for those who want to understand the impact that sustainability regulations will have on their business and get ahead of disclosure requirements.

And we have an incredible panel to help us explore these topics.

Webinar about sustainability regulations

  • Dr Andy Hale - Co Founder and CEO, xtonnes

  • Lorna Williams - CEO, British Adhesives and Sealants Association (BASA)

  • William-James Kettlewell - Senior Associate, Baker McKenzie

  • Danish Azri - Sustainability Lead, Chemical Business Association (CBA)

  • Ben Knight - Head of Sustainability, Leonardo

Don't miss out on this practical conversation - and watch it here.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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