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Frequently asked questions

Why should my business track its emissions?

Monitoring a company’s emissions is beneficial for several reasons, such as ensuring protection against risks of being carbon intensive in future years, and getting ahead of mandatory compliance reporting and regulation. It also enables organisations to make a contribution to minimising the effects of the climate crisis, showcasing sustainable and responsible behaviour to customers and employees. 

Why do I need software to do carbon accounting?

Our platform has been built for any data quality, meaning that even if you are at the beginning of your carbon data collection journey, or looking to improve on what you are already doing, our software can help. Once you have input your data, our platform provides action-oriented insights to support your business in tackling current and future emissions, answering any climate-related questions your clients, investors or regulators may have. Alongside our software, our expert team is on-hand throughout your journey, from quantifying your emissions to planning carbon reduction actions. xtonnes is here to build up your capability so you can decarbonise with confidence.

Who can use the xtonnes platform?

Our software has been built to fit any organisation, small or large. Its features and functionalities support sectors facing some of the toughest carbon challenges, such as design, manufacturing and construction.

What if we don't collect any carbon data at the moment?

That’s fine, xtonnes can help you get started.  If you are starting from scratch you may want to begin with our “Carbon Partner” plan which allocates you an analyst who will help you through the process of getting your data into good shape and meeting any goals you might have. If you would rather manage this yourself, we provide templates and guides to help you get started.

How long will it take to quantify our emissions?

The time it takes to quantify emissions depends on several factors, such as the level of depth required depending on the purpose, the quality of data provided, and those in the business responsible for driving the project forwards. We can accelerate your process by helping you prioritise and collect data, fill in the data blanks, provide on-demand support, and offer educational opportunities to up skill in sustainability.

How do we set carbon reduction targets?

Our team can help you to set decarbonisation goals in line with recognised climate standards and track progress over time. These targets are specific to your business, based on your profile and needs.

What reporting frameworks do you support?

Our platform is built in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Once you have quantified your footprint, you have the ability to export your data into a customisable report with your company branding and logo. We can also help you report against another chosen standards, whether it's GRI, CDP, B Corp, SECR or PPN 06/21.

How transparent are your calculations?

We believe in “whitebox” accounting where our customers understand the methodology behind your footprint.  You will have oversight over methodology choices behind the calculations.

How is our data kept safe?

We comply with GDPR regulations and adopt an approach of security by design. Our company has the Cyber Essentials certification, a Government backed scheme that protects against cyber attacks.

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