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A trusted carbon accounting solution

Our software streamlines the carbon accounting process, saving you time and resources to take meaningful action.

xtonnes carbon accounting software

Scopes 1, 2 and 3 coverage

Automated carbon calculations across your entire value chain, saving you from getting bogged down in manual processes.

Net Zero scenario analysis

Tailored decarbonisation action planning based on your footprint, enabling you to track achievements and accelerate progress towards your sustainability goals.

Product footprint integration

Streamlined product carbon footprint calculations, enabling you to analyse emissions across your entire production lifecycle. 

Data quality mapping

Builds your capacity to collect the right data and improve your footprint accuracy over time - whether you’re right at the beginning of your carbon accounting journey, or well on your way already.

Streamlined reporting

Seamlessly download bespoke emissions reports, helping you to meet the ever-increasing disclosure requirements of suppliers and climate regulations quicker. 

On demand support

Our chat function means support or advice from our sustainability experts is at your fingertips whenever you need it during work hours - we're always ready for your questions.

If you’d like more information about our features, chat to our team.



Begin collecting data on your emissions sources and gain insight on your real-time carbon footprint.



Download reports with your own branding showcasing your carbon performance over time in just a few clicks. 



Set decarbonisation targets and create action plans, bespoke to your footprint, to achieve your goals.

Built for product led businesses and supply chains 

Our software is for organisations facing tough carbon challenges, wanting to stay ahead of the curve


Understand the breadth of your Scope 3 emissions and the depth of your products' footprint.


Manage the ongoing reporting and validation of your projects, and to navigate a changing regulatory environment.


Go beyond your organisation's footprint and assess the impact of low-carbon designs.

Suppliers and portfolios

Aggregate footprints, performing individual and collective analysis for a comprehensive assessment and action plan

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