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New free short course on Net Zero

We are really excited to announce the release of our third online learning


Just like our other online courses, our free Net Zero course has been designed to help you gain the skills to decarbonise with confidence.


The content has been put together to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex journey towards achieving Net Zero carbon emissions.


Through a series of five modules, participants will gain a deep understanding of carbon footprinting, data collection and analysis, target setting, decarbonisation planning, effective communication and continuous improvement strategies.

short course on net zero

In addition, we are continuing to build our ‘Knowledge library’ within the blog on our website, alongside our hub of insightful webinars and reports. The purpose of these resources is to provide you with useful and educational material, covering topics like carbon accounting best practise, tracking emissions across the whole value chain and tackling supplier engagement.

Don't forget, to best support your learning, your feedback is key. After completing the course, please spend two minutes filling out our survey and make suggestions about improvements for our future modules or other learning content.


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