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Webinar: How to leverage supplier engagement for effective Scope 3 tracking

We are really excited to be running a webinar about how to leverage supplier engagement for effective Scope 3 carbon footprinting.

It is free to attend and available on demand - Register here!

Scope 3 emissions, often the largest portion of a company's carbon footprint, present significant challenges in measurement and management due to their indirect nature. Leveraging supplier engagement is a crucial part of sustainability strategies for organisations aiming to comprehensively address their carbon impact.  


To help unpick this topic, our webinar will address the challenges and solutions in achieving effective engagement across supply chains. Through expert insights and practical examples, we will explore best practices for engaging suppliers, establishing transparent communication channels, implementing robust tracking mechanisms and fostering collaboration across the supply chain.  

And we have an incredible panel to help us explore these topics.

How to leverage supplier engagement

By understanding and harnessing the power of supplier engagement, attendees will gain valuable tools to enhance their Scope 3 tracking efforts, drive sustainability initiatives, and ultimately achieve their carbon goals. 


Don't miss this opportunity to discover practical approaches and solutions for strengthening sustainability through effective supplier engagement.  



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