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Carbon in your Supply Chain

In this webinar, we discussed the importance of considering emissions within supply chains, Scope 3 carbon accounting challenges, and upcoming regulations that make getting to grips with indirect emissions all the more important.

The conversation between our expert panel provided insight for those who want to understand the carbon impact of their supply chain activities, get ahead of sustainability disclosure, and ultimately, start to decarbonise their wider operations.​

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Carbon in your supply chain webinar

How to leverage supplier engagement for effective Scope 3 tracking

Leveraging supplier engagement is a crucial part of sustainability strategies for organisations aiming to comprehensively address their carbon impact.  


To help unpick this topic, our webinar addressed the challenges and solutions in achieving effective engagement across supply chains. Our expert panel explored best practices for engaging suppliers, establishing transparent communication channels, implementing robust tracking mechanisms and fostering collaboration across the supply chain.  

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Sustainability regulations to look out for in 2024

In this webinar, we discussed sustainability regulations that will affect businesses in 2024, the challenge of staying in the know in this fast-evolving space, and tips for how SMEs can keep up with growing climate disclosure demands.


The session provided insight for those who want to understand the impact that sustainability regulations will have on their business and get ahead of disclosure requirements.

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Product Carbon Footprints

Understanding the strategies and tools to support the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry has never been so important. One such lever is Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) - the systematic approach that models the total greenhouse gas emissions generated by a product, from extraction of raw materials to end-of-life.

In this report, we explore the growing demand for PCFs, the importance of mapping product emissions to an organisation's footprint, and tips on how to tackle PCF data challenges. Throughout, our expert contributors provide valuable insight from their research- and industry-based experience in this space.

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Product carbon footprinting report
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