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Webinar: Carbon in your supply chain

We are really excited to be running a free webinar about 'Carbon in your Supply Chain' on the 28th of November at 2.30pm (which is now available on demand).

In the session, we will discuss the importance of considering emissions within supply chains, Scope 3 carbon accounting challenges, and upcoming regulations that make getting to grips with indirect emissions all the more important.

And we have an incredible panel to help us explore these topics.

xtonnes webinar image

  • Dr Andy Hale - Co Founder and CEO, xtonnes

  • Nathan Cole - Senior Manager - Sustainable Supply Chains, CDP

  • Rosie Berlinger - Responsible Supply Chain Manager, Ocado Technology

  • Israel Waichman - Economics Professor, Bard College Berlin

  • Nicola Pichel-Juan - Sustainability Service Manager, SATRA

  • Dr Nicky Dee - Co Founder and CEO, Carbon13

The conversation will provide insight for those who want to understand the carbon impact of their supply chain activities, get ahead of sustainability disclosure, and ultimately, start to decarbonise their wider operations.

We know that supply chain emissions can feel overwhelming for many businesses, which is why we will answer the following questions during the session:

  • What steps can an organisation take to begin measuring supply chain emissions?

  • What are the biggest challenges when it comes to Scope 3 carbon accounting?

  • Where do supply chain emissions typically lie?

  • How can businesses stay on top of the shifting sustainability reporting landscape?

  • What are some tips for quantifying carbon emissions in a cost-effective way?

We look forward to seeing you there!

As always, we are looking for your feedback. Reach out to us if there is something in particular you would like to learn more about – or just with any questions or ideas!

Don't forget to register here.


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