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Launch of the Team London Bridge zero carbon routemap

Team London Bridge have launched their ambitious zero carbon strategy, co-developed with Useful Projects, and based off a baseline of their hundreds of local businesses analysed using the xtonnes software.

The baseline, set for 2019, found that the businesses in the London Bridge BID were responsible for 130,000 tonnes of CO2e. This is equivalent to powering 25,295 homes a year, which is almost a fifth of the London Borough of Southwark’s total homes.

65% of the area’s carbon footprint was associated with heating, cooling and powering buildings, and 49% of the area’s carbon emissions was associated with office space.

The Routemap sets outs how the London Bridge BID can achieve a carbon neutral by 2030 target, in alignment with Southwark Council. It also recommends that all businesses within the BID, including TLB, set science-based targets.


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