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Navigating Sustainability Frameworks and Standards


The financial performance of businesses has been managed with the creation of numerous standards, many of which are now well matured. But standards and frameworks outlining non-financial performance, such as sustainability, need to catch up. In this free online learning course, we explore the frameworks and standards that guide sustainability, and more specifically, greenhouse gas or carbon accounting. Throughout the course, will answer the following questions: •What are frameworks and standards? •What are three widely used frameworks and standards for organisations? •What are three widely used frameworks and standards for products? •What are some of the relationships between frameworks and standards? •How can you choose the right frameworks and standards? The course is run by Bengt Cousins-Jenvey, who has worked in varied climate-related roles over the last fifteen years. He has consistently applied new thinking about how pollution, resource and waste targets are set and met in the context of cities, masterplans, mega-projects, buildings, services and a wide range of products.





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